Shorewall 4.4-4.6 Manpages

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These manpages are for Shorewall 4.4 and later only. They describe features and options not available on earlier releases.

Section 5 — Files and Concepts

accounting - Define IP accounting rules.
actions - Declare user-defined actions.
arprules - (Added in Shorewall 4.5.12) Define arpfilter rules.
blacklist - Static blacklisting (deprecated)
blrules - shorewall Blacklist file.
conntrack - Specify helpers for connections or exempt certain traffic from netfilter connection tracking.
ecn - Disabling Explicit Congestion Notification
exclusion - Excluding hosts from a network or zone
hosts - Define multiple zones accessed through a single interface
interfaces - Define the interfaces on the system and optionally associate them with zones.
ipsets - Describes how to specify set names in Shorewall configuration files.
maclist - Define MAC verification.
mangle - Supersedes tcrules and describes packet/connection marking.
masq - Define Masquerade/SNAT
modules - Specify which kernel modules to load.
nat - Define one-to-one NAT.
nesting - How to define nested zones.
netmap - How to map addresses from one net to another.
notrack - Exclude certain traffic from Netfilter connection tracking
params - Assign values to shell variables used in other files.
policy - Define high-level policies for connections between zones.
providers - Define routing tables, usually for multiple Internet links.
proxyarp - Define Proxy ARP.
rtrules - Define routing rules.
routes - (Added in Shorewall 4.4.15) Add additional routes to provider routing tables.
routestopped - Specify connections to be permitted when Shorewall is in the stopped state (deprecated in Shorewall 4.5.8 in favor of the stoppedrules file).
rules - Specify exceptions to policies, including DNAT and REDIRECT.
secmarks - Attach an SELinux context to a packet.
tcclasses - Define htb classes for traffic shaping.
tcdevices - Specify speed of devices for traffic shaping.
tcfilters - Classify traffic for shaping; often used with an IFB to shape ingress traffic.
tcinterfaces - Specify devices for simplified traffic shaping.
tcpri - Classify traffic for simplified traffic shaping.
stoppedrules - Specify connections to be permitted when Shorewall is in the stopped state (added in Shorewall 4.5.8).
tcrules - Define packet marking rules, usually for traffic shaping. Superseded by mangle (above) in Shorewall 4.6.0.
tos - Define TOS field manipulation.
tunnels - Define VPN connections with endpoints on the firewall.
shorewall.conf - Specify values for global Shorewall options.
shorewall-lite.conf - Specify values for global Shorewall Lite options.
vardir - Redefine the directory where Shorewall keeps its state information.
vardir-lite - Redefine the directory where Shorewall Lite keeps its state information.
zones - Declare Shorewall zones.

Section 8 — Administrative Commands

shorewall - /sbin/shorewall command syntax and semantics.
shorewall-init - Companion package that allows for automatic start/stop of other Shorewall products based on network events.
shorewall-lite - /sbin/shorewall-lite command syntax and semantics.


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